Watch Us Grow

M & M Sharpening services is becoming M & M Sharpening Services, LLC. We have chosed to go to an LLC to help our company serve you, while protecting our family. We are adding more and more corporate clients, and many of them prefer to work LLCs than sole owbership businesses. Come watch us grow! #Watchus

Coming Soon!

We have a new tool in the shop. Since we got started in 2010, we have had thousands of calls, asking if we sharpen carbide saw blades. We have always had to say no. Recently, we obtained a Foley carbide saw grinder, and have undergone training about how to use it. We are practicing like madmen, and getting readty to roll out our new service.

Why we do what we do.


We just celebrated out 6th anniversary of being in business!  We have had lots of fun learning new skills, and bringing professional sharpening services back to the east side of Wichita.

We started out with 3 sharpening stones and a handful of files. Now we have a shop full of professional quality sharpening tools, and relationships with great folks all over SC Kansas.

We use LinkedIn to connect to other  businesses professionals, esp. in the Wichita area. From businesses large and small, we look forward to learning from our peers. If you are a service pro, and don’t use, you really should add it to your Social Media program.

Let’s go for 20!

Got Machetes?

Due to popular demand, we decided to do a video about Machetes. Most Machetes are being shipped blunt from the manufacturer, and need to to sharpened professionally to work well.   Here are some differences between dull and sharp Machetes. #Machete


Hunting/Skinning Knives

Deer Season is here. Make sure your hunting/Skinning knife is up to the job.  These knives have a different grind than a kitchen knife, and can be ruined by using a “pull through” sharpener on them! We have over 35 years of experience sharpening these knives.  Call us today.