How to maintain a knife!

We get a lot of questions about how to maintain a blade after sharpening. Here is Alton Brown with a quick one minute tutorial. We suggest sharpening every six months, but with care, you can make your edge last for a year. BTW, When he says to leave the sharpening to professionals, HE MEANS US!! Death to pull through sharpeners!!!


Lawn And Tree Service Customers Welcome

We are happy to announce that we are ready to help lawn and tree service contractors and providers with all of their sharpening needs. We can sharpen almost anything in your inventory, from mower and edger blades, chainsaw chains (including the small ones for power pole saws), to gas powered hedge trimmers and pole saws.
As you are gearing up for the season, think about adding M&M for all of your equipment sharpening needs. We offer excellent quality, fast turnaround times, and very competitive prices. Make an appointment, drop off your tools after your day ends, and pick it up the next morning before you hit your first customer location.
Give us a call, and give us a try.

Mark Madden
Owner, Sharpening Technician

Mower Blade Balancing

Keep an ear on your mower’s sound. If there is a “clacking or clanking” sound under the deck, your blade may be unbalanced. An unbalanced blade doesn’t cut properly, and can cause damage to your mower! Bring it in to be balanced and resharpened right away.