How to tell when you mower blade is dull.

Hi Guys, it’s been awhile. Here is a quick tip on how to know when your mower blade needs to be sharpened. After you cut your grass, look at some of the cut blades of grass. If the tip is angled neatly, your blade is sharp. If there are tears or are ragged edges on the tip, it’s time for sharpening. Dull blades can cause openings for fungus, and it can weaken your grasses resistance to disease. Keep your blade sharp to keep your grass healthy!

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Going Green

As we get closer to mower season. some folks are looking to replace their mowers and other tools. If you are looking to “go green”, look at the newer mowers that have lower emissions. The newer 4-stroke trimmers, saws, etc. are exponentially cleaner than the older 2-stroke ones. Of course, keeping your mower blades (standard and rotary) sharp keeps your cutting time down, does a better job, and makes your tool work the way it was designed to.

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Mark Madden
M& M Sharpening Services.

Sharpening as Recycling

Hello again.

People talk about “going green” a lot these days. Having your items sharpened instead of replacing them is a great way to save money, and landfill space. When we hear that folks throw away and replace items like scissors, chainsaw chains, or kitchen knives when they go dull, we cringe. A chainsaw chain ($35.00 new) can be resharpened many times for $6.00 per sharpening. It can be recycled when it is too far gone to sharpen.
Scissors, knives, and other “cheap” items can also be sharpened inexpensively, and last a very long time. Yes, you can buy a pair of scissors for $1.00 at the Dollar Store, but when it is dull, will you just toss it in the trash? The same goes for lawn mower blades, pruners, and hand saws. They can be sharpened. and then recycled.
The next time you are frustrated with a dull tool, don’t throw it away, call us or another sharpener. When we say it is dead, THEN you can recycle it or throw it away. Keep it sharp and safe.

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Spring is coming!

Hey, Ya’ll! Been awhile since my last blog. Make sure your mower is ready for spring by calling and setting up an appointment for your mower and edger blades. We can pickup, clean and sharpen and deliver your mower in Wichita for $25.00.
The spring rush is probably going to be full, so don’t put it it off. 🙂 316-293-8293
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Pruner maintenance

anvil-prunersPruners must be kept sharp to avoid damaging plant stems during pruning. Cut the stem at a 45 degree angle, if on a living stem, and flush if cutting dead wood. Never use Anvil style pruners on roses. It crushes the stems, and you might as well cut your roses with a club!
We can lubricate, adjust and sharpen all types of pruners. We can even sharpen the saw portion of pole saw pruners.

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We Are Currently Seeeking Restaurant Accounts

M&M Sharpening Services is currently seeking restaurant and food service accounts. We come to your place of business, pick up your knives and tools, put a razor edge on them, them return them to you. We offer incredible quality, fast turnaround times, and very competitive pricing. If you are in the food industry, or know someone who is, please contact us so we take care of all of your sharpening needs.

Mark Madden
Owner, Sharpening Technician
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